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This is not your mother’s teacher job search!!

My daughter, who blogs at A Brand New Line, is looking for a new teaching job. And I am startled by how different the process is now than it was 4 years ago when my son was looking for a teaching job, 5 years ago when she was looking for her first job, and 17 years ago when I was looking for my first job.

In the past 17 years in California it seems to me that the process was something like this:

  • Learn how to teach
  • Student teach
  • Graduate with a credential
  • Apply for jobs
  • Take a job if one is offered (and it could be that there are no offers)

And maybe it is still like that for first year teachers.  But my daughter is now looking for a job in a very different way. A very professional way with a critical eye.

She has 4 years teaching experience; 1 year in a K-8 public school in CA and 3 years in an all-girls boarding independent school in NY.  And she knows what kind of school she wants to work in.  To quote her: “I am looking for a school committed to collaboration and a deep evaluation of curriculum.  I could teach public school in NY or CA or independent school anywhere and by anywhere I mean I am really looking to teach in a large urban area.  I am looking for a school that is deeply involved in conversations about diversity and social justice.  I am looking for a school that provides opportunities for advancement and professional development. I am looking to teach at a place that most importantly makes decisions around what’s best for kids.”

I don’t know if this makes job hunting easier or more difficult.  But I do know that she has turned down a job because it didn’t fit her criteria, she has interviewed in 3 different states, she has interviewed in public and private schools.  And I know it is a little scary to realize that she won’t have a job at the end of June.  But she is sticking to her criteria.

And I’m proud of her.  This is how all teachers should look for jobs.  This is how we can make school systems accountable.  This is how schools improve.  Change is a growth experience, too many teachers haven’t changed in the last decade.

So if you know of a school that needs an excellent math teacher who has passions beyond numbers, let me know.  I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.