Resources for Global Math Department, September 8, 2015 NUMBER TALKS

On Tuesday September 8, 2015  I was privileged to be the presenter on Global Math Department.

I’m not sure that the Resources links that I had in my Powerpoint presentation work properly so I am reposting them here.


How to Start a 2 page document with facilitation tips.

Common Math Strategies A list of mental math strategies for the 4 operations, elementary and middle. High schoolers should have these.

How to use Number Strings in a Number Talk directed toward 4-5 but useful for all

Lots of Number Strings   for grades 3-6 to build strategies

Dot cards for 4-12   useful and fun for students   More Dot Cards

Dot Cards for Kindergarten

First grade frame cards

Web site for Number Strings

Middle School Number Talks Presentation from NCTM

Books that I think are worthwhile

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 5.04.18 PM

I will continue to add more to this site.  (If I survive Global Math Department)


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