MIssion #2: Twitter, Tweet, Tweep MTBoS, does anyone speak English?

I’m new to the Twitterverse.  Well, I’ve had a handle for a while but didn’t really understand or feel a necessity to look at stuff.

This was despite the influence of my daughter, @sophiegermain who is an avid tweeter and a member of MTBoS.  I mean I even paid for her plane ticket to Twitter Math Camp in Philadelphia last year.  (And by the way, let me brag – she’s a great high school math teacher.)  Just to make it clear, this is not an age issue.  Yes, I am old. But I don’t think that is what made my entry into this brave, new world a slow process.

But I’m in now and this is what I’m getting from MTBoS.  New friends from my native country, new friends from across this country, help with my new gig – elementary math coach, articles & lessons to pass on to my teachers, many articles to read about education, middle school stuff to pass on to my former coworkers, links to really useful math blogs which I now follow.

I could say much more but, I’m guessing you know all this.

If you’re not part of the MathTwitterBlogosphere look at #MTBoS on Twitter and welcome to my world!!


3 Responses to “MIssion #2: Twitter, Tweet, Tweep MTBoS, does anyone speak English?”

  1. 1 Jessica (algebrainiac1) October 21, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    YEAH!!! Welcome! Your daughter is awesome! I am so glad that you have jumped in and joined us. I agree I don’t think it’s an age thing in joining the crazy online world of the #MTBoS, I think it’s a comfort level. Comfort with technology, comfort with putting yourself out there, comfort with sharing your opinions and comfort with getting constructive feedback. It was daunting to join a year ago, but I wouldn’t take it back if I could!

  2. 3 leeannt519 October 22, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Definitely not an age thing!!! I also just joined twitter- I am a little intimidated by the amount of information flowing at all hours. Where is your native country, out of curiosity?

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